The Night Will Come Before Long

The Night Will Come Before Long

01. Notnotnot (miaou Rework)
02. Small Dream (Sun Glitter Remix)
03. Own Your Colours (Errors Remix)
04. Cycle (Brassica Remix)
05. Endings (mergrim Remix)
06. Up And The Sky (Not Squares Condo Mix)
07. Lost Souls (aus Remix)
08. Keep Drifting My Heart (Kyoka Remix)

Teto Records (teto-006)
Release: 6th December 2012
Notes: remixed album from “The Day Will Come Before Long”

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The Day Will Come Before Long

01. Notnotnot
02. Small Dream
03. Own Your Colours
04. Cycle
05. Endings (feat. epic45)
06. Up And The Sky
07. Lost Souls (feat. radical face)
08. Keep Drifting My Heart

Thomason Sounds (TSIP-2041)
Released: 8th September 2011
Notes: 4th full length

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All Around Us

01. Promise Song
02. Morning Sun
03. Hello World
04. Always Dreaming Of Things To Come
05. Tetote
06. Crumpets
07. Our Path To..
08. You Found Me
09. Hopefulness
10. Shining

Thomason Sounds (TSIP-2025)
Released: July 2008
Notes: 3rd full length

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Make These Things Alright

01. Intro
02. Future Pavilion
03. A Bird In The Hand
04. Silent Picture
05. Tiger Note
06. Dante
07. On A Sunday
08. When Will You Come Home?
09. LASA

Teto Records (teto-001)
Released: August 2005
Notes: 2nd full length

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01. Muno
02. Boom 0
03. Pao 2000
04. El Nienyo
06. Jet Sound Wave
07. HALF
08. Water & Me

Released: August 2003
Notes: Debut full length

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01. “Clouds”

TETO RECORDS (teto022)
Release: 3rd September 2021
Notes: new digital single

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01. miaou “Doors”
02. smoug “Sleepy Time”

Released: 22nd April 2017
Notes: RSD split 7″ with smoug

Available on: bandcamp soundcloud

Drops e.p.

01. Where We Are
02. New Hands
03. Flash Through
04. You Don’t Know Me

TETO RECORDS (teto-014)
Released: 30th September 2016
Notes: limited cassette ep

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Bring The Lights e.p.

01. Airglow
02. River Zephyr
03. Deep Into A Forest
04. Paper On You
05. Water & Us

Sound In Silence (sis017)
Released: 29th July 2013
Notes: new special CDR ep release from Sound In Silence in Greece (Limited to 300)
4 new songs plus a new version of “water and me”(2003)

Available on: bandcamp

Into Your Pocket e.p.

01. Into Your Pocket
02. Secret Eyes
03. Longing for colors (miaou remix)

TETO RECORDS (teto-004)
Released: 17th December 2011
Notes: new limited cassette ep for Asia tour
Includes free mp3 Download Link
2 unreleased tracks and remix for Swedish EF

Available on: bandcamp


Re:Lilly – Scene of view Remix

01. Seaside Light ([.que] remix)
02. 四畳半、蜃気楼 (johan plus kei remix)
03. Nightswim (kawai hidenari remix)
04. Goodbye my friends (刀根武士 / 雑魚猫タワー remix)
05. さよならを濁して (miaou remix)
06. 花 (gocko remix)
07. シリウス (木箱 remix)
08. Roundhay (kafuka remix)
09. 雨の街 (Re:Lilly remix)
10. 海底の森 (Gecko remix)
11. hibi (colobs remix)

KUSANONE Label (KSNN-0002)
Released: 28th February 2017
Note: Remix album for Re:Lilly release, “Scene of view”
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The Polyphonic Spree – Psychphonic

01. Heart Talk (Miyamigo Remix)
02. Raise Your Head (Rachel Boyd Remix)
03. Carefully Try (Little People Remix)
04. Let Them Be (Still Current Remix)
05. Battlefield (K-Conjog Remix)
06. You’re Golden (Candy Claws Remix)
07. Popular By Design (Sun Glitters Remix)
08. What Would You Do? (Scott Hendy Remix)
09. Hold Yourself Up (Miaou Remix)
10. Blurry Up the Lines (Jel Remix)
11. You Don’t Know Me (Set in Sand Remix)

Good Records Recordings
Released: 29th July 2014
Note: Remix album for The Polyphonic Spree release, “Yes, It’s True.”
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toivoa / KUKKA

01. smoketree
02. small snowy song
03. mjuk
04. Kukushka
05. KaleidoScope
06. regn
07. Thawing
08. LiverLeaf
09. mjuk (miaou Remix)
10. Thawing (SOUR 高橋ケ無 Remix)
11. ***********

Friend of Mine Records (DQC-1163)
Released: 20th November 2013
Notes: Remix for toivoa

Available on: Apple Music amazon

Masha Qrella / Crooked Dreams EP

01. Crooked Dreams
02. Fin
03. Here It Is
04. Crooked Dreams (aus Remix)
05. Bluebottle (miaou Remix)

Teto Records (teto-005)
Release: 17th November 2012
Notes: Remix for Masha Qrella

Available on: bandcamp

mergrim / Intersect Landscape…(2CD)

01. Beautiful Corruption (m-koda remix)
02. Soft’n Poetry (no.9 remix)
03. Arch (go-qualia Chemistry of a dream and a spring breeze mix)
04. Senkyou (moshimoss Hidden Valley Reshape)
05. Step Of The Flakes (cokiyu remix)
06. Shdwgrph *Grain (Ametsub remix)
07. Ideal That Fade Out (lycoriscoris remix)
08. Absentminded Drowsiness (Geskia! remix)
09. Noir Noir (miaou remix)
10. Dry Aesthetic (agraph remix)
11. Beautiful Corruption (DJ SODEYAMA remix)

moph records x liquid note records mcd-008(LNR-017)
Release: 14th November 2012
Note: Remix album for mergrim release, “Invisible Landscape…”

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Helping Hand -Tribute To Portishead-

01. miaou “Mysterons”
02. cellzcellar + 大野まどか “Sour Times”
03. sundelay + 千代 “köttur” “Strangers”
04. matryoshka “It Could Be Sweet”
05. COgeNdshE “Wandering Star”
06. Ferri “It’s A Fire”
07. urbansole “Numb”
08. araitasuku feat. Magdala “Roads”
09. monocism “Pedestal”
10. AJYSYTZ “Biscuit!”
11. nhhmbase “Glory Box”

kilk records (KLK-2030)
Released: December 2013
Notes: cover album for Portishead classic, “Dummy” (Limited to 1000)

Ten Years On The Blanket

01. ryonkt “A Drop Of Water”
02. miaou “Past Presents”
03. aus “103”
04. fredricson “Computer With Clockworks”
05. Elly the Sun “On the Yellows”
06. Hopeless Local Marching Band “Song For People Who Are Frightened To Be Social Dropout”
07. NETWORKS “Ab-rah (aus Remix)”
08. cokiyu “Hedgehog’s Wedding (Miyauchi Yuri Remix)”
09. Motoro Faam “The Flattened Nine”
10. ent “Farewell Dear Stranger[LIVE EDIT]”

Preco Records (preco-010)
Release: June 2011
Notes: Linus Records’ 10th anniversary compilation
Features exclusive track “Past Presents”

Available on: amazon soundcloud

Songs Of Twilight

1. Ametsub “Snowy Lava”
2. Serph “Whim (new mastering version)”
3. Sooner “Sparking Swallow”
4. Caelum “Apoptosis”
5. Ametsub “Winter Dusk (exclusive ver.)”
6. FourColor “Rowboat (with Piana)”
7. Flica “F”
8. Miaou “Hello World”
9. Lowriders “Deluxe Chrome Yellow”
10. Epic45 “The Stars In Spring”
11. SUSUMU YOKOTA “Love Tendrilises”
12. Matryoshka “Niedola”
13. Aleph-1 “1 C B 6002”
14. Aspidistrafly “Common Colors In The Air”

p*dis (PDIP-6507)
Released: March 2010
Notes: p*dis’s twilight themed compilation
Features track “Hello World”

Available on: Spotify Apple Music amazon music

Little Darla Has A Treat For You v.25: Endless Summer 2007-08 Edition

01. Aarktica “Arms” (Aaron Spectre remix)
02. Atone “72 Mesures et Plus”
03. AZ-Rotator “Bioconductor”
04. California Oranges “Travel Writer”
05. Keith Canisius “The Sea Me, Feel Me”
06. Cdatakill “You Are Mine” (v.2)
07. Cooper “Canción De Viernes”
08. Corazon “La Fiebre De Carlos”
09. Linda Draper “Shine” (Alternate version)
10. Follow The Train “219”
11. The Frank And Walters “Hold On” (Milky Way Remix)
12. Future Conditional “Switchboard Girl”
13. Stafraenn Hakon “Sitrónudurgur” (Revised Version)
14. Japancakes “Soft N EZ” (Live)
15. Jupiter Apple “The Homeless And The Jet”

01. Hell On Wheels “Gone Too Far”
02. Jatun “Ion Crush”
03. Land Of Ill Earthquakes “Acres Of Fakers” (Demo)
04. Lights Out Asia “Aights Out, Crying Planes”
05. Lullatone “Sleepytime Samba” (Bossa Nova Version)
06. Mahogany “Supervitesse” (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)
07. Miaou “Memories of A Petal”
08. My Little Airport “Coka, I’m Fine”
09. Nuuro “Temper Temper”
10. Ponies In The Surf “Ventricle”
11. Port Royal “Eva Green”
12. Blaine Reininger “House Of Atreus”
13. RF & Lili De La Mora “Moon Balloon”
14. Section 25 “Can’t Let Go”
15. Sprites “Pac Man Fever”
16. Submerged “Predator”
17. .tape. “Far Away” (Little Treat Mix)
18. Trembling Blue Stars “The Moon Turns Branches To Silhouettes”
19. The Voyces “You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of Heaven”
20. Yellow6 “Encase”

Darla (DRL-190)
Released: September 2007
Notes: Darla’s the world’s most popular compilation series(2xCD, 32 exclusive tracks! ) Features exclusive track “Memories of a Petal”

Available on: Spotify Apple Music

Je t’aime

01. The Field Register “Ceramic”
02. Poney Club “Tools And Western”
03. The Fatales “Stadtpark”
04. Miaou “Grasslands”
05. SlANsperic “Indicated By Dots(Play.Pause rmx)”
06. Apillow “Plotless”
07. Le Griot “Seule”
08. A Northern Chorus “Until Cause Meets Effect”
09. Electroluminescent “Left For The Birds”
10. Windsor For The Derby “Highway Kind”
11. Torngat “Red Red Operation”
12. (swedish) Death Polka “Fly Stuff”
13. IXE-13 “Throw Away : “Do Not Eat”
14. Mark Robinson “We Don’t Need Fascist Groove Thang”
15. Rick White “Fact”

Where Are My Records (wam-021)
Released: March 2006
Notes: WAM’s the 3rd compilation(Limited to 1100)
Features exclusive track “Grasslands”

solo works

Tatsuki Hamasaki / Memories in Time

01. The Dawn Melody
02. Small Life
03. Another Memory
05. Stories Of Happiness
06. When Dreams Come To Life
07. The Dusk Melody

Preco Records (Preco020)
Released: 7th May 2014
Notes: Tatsuki’s debut solo full length

Available on: bandcamp Spotify Apple Music amazon music

felisie / ep

01. A Green Story
02. Still Falling
03. Slow Slow

Teto Records (teto-008)
Released: 27th June 2013
Notes: felisie(mayumi)’s debut limited cassette release, includes free mp3 download coupon

Available on: bandcamp

tomharu / seum ep

01. Last Day
02. Zoo
03. First Day
04. Last Day (Felisie Remix)

Teto Records (teto-007)
Release: 15th March 2013
Notes: felisie (Mayumi from miaou) remix for tomharu

Available on: bandcamp